MADY, a young female whose heart is set on being a singer, finds herself in a desperate situation when her father brings her to a small remote village in Spain to live with him.

"Punla" is a poignant narrative that explores the complexities of a father-daughter relationship set against the backdrop of dreams and aspirations. Our protagonist, Mady, is a vibrant young Filipina with a burning desire to become a singer. Her father, Romero, is a hardworking gardener who services affluent clients and, unbeknownst to Mady, is a talented musician himself.

The story unfolds as Mady is introduced to Romero's world of gardening in a remote corner of Spain, a stark contrast to the grandeur of the wealthy neighbourhood they service. 

As the narrative progresses, Mady confides in Romero about her applications to prestigious music schools in the US and UK. She expresses her gratitude for his support and shares her ambition to make both her parents proud. This heartfelt moment is juxtaposed with a later scene where Romero, alone, finds Mady's acceptance letters and tears them up, revealing a conflict between his desire to keep Mady close and her dreams of pursuing a music career.

The script's climax is a beautiful father-daughter duet in the garden, where Mady's talent shines and Romero's emotional struggle is palpable. The script ends on a note of suspense, leaving the audience wondering about the future of Mady's dreams and Romero's secret.

"Punla" is a compelling drama that explores themes of family, dreams, and the sacrifices we make for those we love. It's a story that promises to engage audiences with its emotional depth, relatable characters, and narrative that beautifully intertwines music and familial bonds.